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SkillSwitch Update March 2024

Hello everyone, it's been one CRAZY year for Skillswitch. The past 5 years we have seen sales usually pick up after the New year through May. It's usually 7 days a week working those months. This year, it Started in November and hasn't slowed at all. Quite a surprise! We were also able to COMPLETELY transform our printer room and upgrade to RESIN printers. This was quite the challenge while still putting out orders. This was the gateway to finally transforming Skillswitch to where the plan has always been.

One of our biggest challenges has been the website. The idea, "picture" of the design has been the biggest struggle. With other aspects being solved, it is allowing us to focus on getting the website to where it needs to be and completed. This is currently being worked on and you will see each week it transform into it's final form.

With each "physical" remodel we have done with work space, we now can introduce this summer, SMFRC Garage. This will be custom builds, RTR finished product. So you will be able to purchase a fully built, one of a kind RC.

Here is a breakdown of things being worked on behind the scenes currently and the plan forward.

  • Get website organized, all product listed. We will have a page dedicated on the current orders being worked on, just get online and you can see where your order is in process.

  • Get SMFRC Garage up and get a few builds going.

  • Videos, Videos, Videos. This year we will work harder of getting more videos of the work we do. Part of our remodels were to be better setup to have a place to make videos. This will happen.

I think that's about it for now. We always tried to tackle everything at once and that just set up for failure. This go around, slow and steady and keep building and improving. One day at a time. Stay tuned, the best has yet to come........

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