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Spring is here ! May brings SMFRC Garage!

Being in the mountains of Vermont, winters are longgggggggg. So when Spring hits, it's like waking up to a whole new universe. So I figured May is a good time to "officially" open SMFRC Garage. I tend to have a hard time deciding which idea I want to start. There are many coals burning in this brain. There is one specific coal that for about 2 years sparks up most often. One that I always pick up from the shelf and want to dive in to. But I've been so busy filling body orders, I always put it back down and tell myself to wait until the time is right. Well, timing is never something that there seems to be plenty of so I'm just making more time. Since October, I've been working 7 days a week filling orders and working my part-time job, while juggling family time. It's a challenge, from designing a custom order, maintaining printers, keeping printers going, painting, it does require a certain level of work every single day. So I'm now designating time. I have to, for my sanity, haha. So I have a plan and hoping it will all fall into place.

So here is SMFRC Garage's first build. This is one of my Traxxas Latrax Rally cars. She has seen better days, this particular one I used to race at my Mount Tabor R/C raceway. I also loaned it out for people to race with. I've had a complete different idea for this for quite some time now. It's about to be "reborn" into something different.

Here we have a fairly stock WL TOYS A9 series chassis with some metal upgrades and my "Latrax Killer" brushless Dromida. The WL TOYS and Dromida are similar in design but not fully compatible without some modifications. They are quite a bit different than the Latrax but all share the same wheelbase. The Dromida is discontinued and parts are not produced anymore. All 3 of these models will be SMFRC Garage's first production line.

As you can see in the picture, well kind of, they all share the same wheelbase, 165mm.

My final teaser is this WPL 6x6. This is the final piece of the puzzle for this build. All 4 chassis will be a part of this build that we will be documenting and will become SMFRC Garage's first production line. None of these will be what they are now.

I hope this sparks some interest as this first build is directly coming from my love and creativity of seeing something else in something. The very reason I was hooked on this hobby from the beginning.

Be sure to follow the build thread 1/18th GONE WILD. I will do weekly posts until finished.

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