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The Car Show MICRO R/C 2.0


We created this group about a year ago for those who like to create cool stuff.  We are changing it up a little and making WEEKLY COVER PHOTO CONTESTS and the other contests will be a "SUMMER POINT SERIES" events to give people more time to create and add up points to make a fun ending.

STARTING 10/1/2023 we will have THE CAR SHOW - 10th Scale RC group on FB for the 10th scale contests!



Pumpkin Lamps


Jack O' Lanterns


Keith Milliken 209 POINTS
Scott Nye 135 POINTS
Chris Tronic 118 POINTS
David Powell 73 POINTS
Eric Newhouse Jr. 50 POINTS
Ashley Gulley 47 POINTS
Brian Farmer 28 POINTS
Michael D Peach Jr. 26 POINTS
Michael OBrien 24 POINTS
Brett Seitz 24 POINTS
Anthony Soodonim 23 POINTS
Donna Milliken 23 POINTS
Scott Williams 20 POINTS
Brandi Beville 19 POINTS
Tim Blackburn 18 POINTS
Ed Duchemin 17 POINTS
Late Fakbuk 17 POINTS
Rich Howes 14 POINTS
Mark Milliken 13 POINTS
Mark Mclaughlun Jr. 13 POINTS
Mike Serrenato 10 POINTS
Brad Meyers 11 POINTS
Joshua Nye 11 POINTS
Matthew Wolfe 9 POINTS
Shane Heigert 10 POINTS
Adolfo Aguirre 10 POINTS
Caleb Crady 9 POINTS
Richard Mayberry 9 POINTS
Mitchell Bardwell 8 POINTS
Kevin Katon 7 POINTS
Ron Hinkle 8 POINTS
James Fenton Depatie 6 POINTS
Christopher Gierse 6 POINTS
Matthew Nye 6 POINTS
Dave Twigg 7 POINTS
Jeff Westerop 5 POINTS
Adam Humphries 5 POINTS
Billy Jaggie 5 POINTS
Steve Simmers 6 POINTS
Scott Morse 5 POINTS
Randy Susie Shafer 5 POINTS
Michael Germaine Boyd 5 POINTS
Justin "Harry" Given 5 POINTS
Szilard Szaabo 5 POINTS
Shannon Thweatt Nye 5 POINTS
Jeff Huls 5 POINTS
Paolo Anjelo Ramos 5 POINTS
Jason Bice II 4 POINTS
Adam Beck 4 POINTS
Danielle Nye 4 POINTS
Courtney Funderburk 4 POINTS
Keith Robinson 4 POINTS
Nick Gilman 4 POINTS
James Hunter 4 POINTS
Justin Overstreet 4 POINTS
Vance Thompson 4 POINTS
Craig Cook 4 POINTS
Kent Brooks 4 POINTS
Matt White 4 POINTS
Thomas Merendino 4 POINTS
Shane Schuler 4 POINTS
Ivan Rakyta 4 POINTS
Charles Boice 4 POINTS
Joseph Durr 4 POINTS
Lance Mccray 4 POINTS
Steve Gaetano 5 POINTS
Nick Evans 3 POINTS
Carlos Cardenas 3 POINTS
Payton Olson 3 POINTS
Chad Schell 4 POINTS
Dwight Kuhl 3 POINTS
Christopher Rogers 4 POINTS
James Strakal 3 POINTS
Joshua Petersen 3 POINTS
Marco Manfredini 3 POINTS
Sideways RC 2 POINTS
Jianyu Ding 2 POINTS
Brian Mizwa 2 POINTS
Jason Derousse 2 POINTS
Andy Herr 2 POINTS
Jake Brittian 2 POINTS
Reason Bell 2 POINTS
Jay Helfrich 2 POINTS
Brian Simmons 2 POINTS
Robert Urness 1 POINT
Ian Vogel 1 POINT
Dave Gittins 1 POINT
Jason Beaver 1 POINT
Maxwell AP 1 POINT
Jake Kleven 1 POINT
Walter Phelps 1 POINT
Chris Lewis 1 POINT
Joe Navenburg 1 POINT
Ryan Melin 1 POINT
Kevin Blowers 1 POINT
Roger Long 1 POINT
Ian Kingston 1 POINT
Michael Richard 1 POINT
Ty Weist 1 POINT
A Keith Johnson Jr. 1 POINT
Randy Thompson 1 POINT
Nick Shivener 1 POINT
Anthony Martinez 1 POINT
John Pearson 1 POINT
Chris Diaz 1 POINT
Rickymac McIntosh 1 POINT
Jeffrey Mueller 1 POINT
Rc Vanman 1 POINT
Jeff Dedrick 1 POINT

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