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XJ Body 3d printed with a RESIN blend we have worked on for a year and a half.  This resin blend allows for some flex and is not brittle at all.  


The body will be printed, cleaned up, sanded and finished in primer.  The HEAD & TAIL LIGHTS will come with liquid mask on them.  After painting body, rub/peel off mask and you will have clear lenses.


I DO NOT sand the body to show quality.  I AM NOT claiming my bodies as FINISHED PRODUCT unless you choose to hire me to do so.  I DO OFFER a body with a little more prep done than just a raw print, leaving a little left for the buyer to finish.   


Windows are also included with the body to apply after painting.  They come with CLEAR windows unless you choose TINTED, using real auto tint (Please leave a note if you want tinted).


Also offered is PAINTING.  If you want a FINISHED BODY, one that you don't want to complete, I can do that also.  The body will come airbrush painted windows and details installed, ready to mount.  High detail or crazy paint scheme, please message me for pricing.


Any questions regarding my bodies, please don't hesitate to ask me.  I'm not always available to answer but usually do within 24hrs.  I have been doing bodies for over35 years and there is a method to my madness as far as completing the body, I'm willing to help you if you let me.

The bodies I offer are my creations, my versions and my thought of how they should look on a certain RC chassis.  I am by NO means trying to make scale replicas and be 100% down to detail, no one would pay the prices!  I have fun creating new stuff similar to the original, just in a fun way.


All bodies are body shells and are not a direct replacement to any stock chassis.  All bodies are made by wheelbase and width to the chassis you chose.  The bodies are a "Custom Add On" you are choosing to change the look of your R/C.  We make body mount options to make this change easier.  Please ask any questions before buying about mounting a new body on your R/C.


If you live in HOT CLIMATES, never leave your 3d printed body in your car for periods of time.  The body can warp or melt under high enclosed temps.


When buying a body for a new build, the body should be the first thing bought and build around the body.  Every body has different weight distribution and LCG levels.  Knowing this first will give a much better build experience.


Our bodies we display are only a portion of what we offer.  We have many, many, many options.  We are only 2 people and keep up as there are hours in the day.  Our listings are a "showcase" example of what we offer.  It DOESN'T mean we can produce all or have in stock every body at one time.  Every body is made to order and shipping times are estimates depending on the current number of orders we are working on.  January - May have been the busiest time of year from previous years of doing this.

XJ Body Multiple Scales

  • We will provide returns on any product received damaged.  We will provide a return label and ask to be returned in the provided box received within 7 days of receiving product.

    We do not take returns from misuse, mishandling or trying to modify product.  If there is a problem, we please ask you to contact us to resolve.  Also please see our "How To" page for guided instructions and use of products.

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