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FCX24 Chassis Mount Body Mounts.  SUV or bodies that need a higher mount in the rear for the FCX24. These have multiple holes to mount at different heights. The excess can be cut off.  These mount to the shock mount holes are.  They also help straighten the shock better.


They are 3d printed Black PETG material.


The rear mount is approx. 58mm with multiple holes to adjust height.


The front is approx. 20mm with multiple holes to adjust height. 


TRUCK mounts include 2 20mm mounts with multiple holes to adjust height.

The kits include, FRONT MOUNT, REAR MOUNT, 2 BODY MOUNTS, 12 6mm MAGNETS installed and 4 1.4 HEX HEAD SCREWS.


The mounts include 4 additional spacers to better fine tune the body height, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm.


WE NOW OFFER EXTRA TOPPERS!  This way you don't need to buy another whole set for another body.  Just get the toppers to use for another body using the same mounts.  Toppers will include 2 toppers and a set of 4 spacers.

NEW FCX24 Chassis Mount Body Mounts

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