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This listing is for a body you want made that needs to be designed.  A body we don't offer yet.  Or a body we don't have in production.


This is the listing to purchase AFTER we have discussed the details and have come to an agreement of what is going to be designed.  IT IS RECCOMMENDED you have an image of what you are looking for, so we are both on the same page.

An average timeline for a design to actual product is roughly one month.  Designing is done on the side of working on my production bodies and current orders.

When the design is done, it will be shared with you to make sure you like it.  It will then be printed and worked on as all other orders.

The cost of the custom design is $25 on top of the cost of the body.  This fee and listing is for BODY ONLY.  ADD ON stuff is separate.


Please see our MADE TO ORDER page for full details on our operation.

Custom Made Body - ALL SCALES

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