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SkillSwitch IS..

35 years ago, I was a 14 year old kid.  A friend had an R/C car in school, a Kyosho Ultima.  He said he had one for sale, it was a Blackfoot, I bought it, just the truck, nothing included.  I learned, bought the rest, made it run, modified, modified, modified.

When there was nothing else to modify, I traded it for an Associated RC10 and began racing carpet onroad.  I found myself wanting to make it look different by getting new bodies every week.....The madness had begun.

Fast forward to the present......Here we are.

Our purpose?  Offer body options that are different.  Keep them fairly priced and allow the customer to finsh to their liking.  This is a hobby, we mostly offer bodies to be finished but do offer select finished bodies.

Micro/Mini Crawler Bodies
1/10 Scale Bodies
Body Mount Kits
Conversion Kits
Contact Us
Address: Arlington Vt USA
HOURS: 7am - 7pm EST
Monday-Friday (Holiday's Excluded)
Scale Accessories
Lexan Bodies
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